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Gisens Biotech

Nanotechnology applied to medical science

We have found a way of harnessing the power of nanotechnology, to take portable diagnostics to the next century.

About Us

High quality & cutting-edge development team

We are an interdisciplinary, proactive and creative team with a state-of-the-art “know-how” in bioelectronics.

Our mission is to shape the future by revolutionizing the field of personalized medicine, and portable diagnostics, powered by nanotechnology.


By using nanotechnology, and multiprocessor electronics, we were able to create diagnostic platforms, the size of a smartphone, and no heavier than one.


With just one drop of blood, and less than two minutes, you can detect, diagnose and control, crucial blood bio markers. Diagnostics has never been easier.


Our breakthrough technology, based on nano material field-effect transistors, allows us to design ultrasensitive and label-free biosensors smaller than a coin.

Diagnostics 2.0

The integrated LTE and wifi connectivity will allow you to share the test results with anyone in the world, with a simple swipe on your smartphone.

First product

The technology

Our Nano-Lab, a comprehensive and portable testing device, will allow you to measure and control over timea diverse set of biomarkers.
You can test in real time the concentration of a diverse set of biomarkers, with a single drop of sample (blood, urine or saliva).

The measuring device connects via bluetooth with an app on any smartphone, tablet or computer, where all data will be stored, for easy access and sharing. Patients will be able to forward their test results to their doctors. Health care professional will have a dedicated app with comprehensive reports so they can do the follow up on each of their patients in real time.

Additional device information


The sensing module is the heart of our device: The state-of-the-art technology in these biosensors makes them some of the most advanced in the world. They have incredibly high sensitivity, at a lower cost than current sensors, and they require no chemical reagents or calibration.


The measuring module is the brain of our device: This module has the size of a smartphone, and will be where the sensor is inserted for signal reading.The multi-processor technology allows for extraordinarily low response time, transferring the results via bluetooth in less than 2 minutes.


The app is designed to show in a friendly digital format, the results captured by the biosensor and the electronic reader. The app will also gather and store past data, as well as allow the creation of detailed reports, and graphics to show trends, and results variability.

Meet Our Team

Luis Alberto Pierpauli

Luis Alberto Pierpauli


With an academic background in medicine as well as studies in corporate leadership and over 10 years of business experience leading multidisciplinary marketing and commercial teams for Fortune 100 companies, he leads our team’s strategic efforts and business development.

Florencia Piccinini

Florencia Piccinini


With an academic background in business administration and postgraduate studies in Corporate Finance and over 12 years of leadership experience in Business Intelligence and Marketing for one of the largest Telcos in the world, she champions corporate governance and financial management.

Omar Azzaroni

Omar Azzaroni

R+D in-house consultant in biosensors and polymers.

With an academic background in Chemistry, postdoc studies in Cambridge University and Max Planck Institute he is one of the world’s leading experts in biosensing and supramolecular interfaces. As Sr. R+D advisor he provides critical insights and advise to our lab team to empower them with years of experience and profound knowledge.

Esteban Piccinini

Esteban Piccinini

R+D in-house consultant in biosensors and polymers.

With an academic background in Chemistry, and a PhD in nanotechnology and biosensing he’s author of more than 10 peer-reviewed articles and an MIT Innovator Under 35. Esteban leads our laboratory operations and heads the R+D department where he ensures our team stays true to our mission.

Waldemar Marmisollé

Waldemar Marmisollé

R+D in-house consultant in electrochemical interfaces.

With an academic background in Chemistry and a PhD in Bioelectronics and Electroactive polymers he advises the company in strategic innovation, product refinement, and new developments.

Jose Maria Piccinini

Jose Maria Piccinini


With an academic background in Electronic Engineering and over 25 years of experience in medical device innovation he is heading our electronics division and product development departments.


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